Digital Signage Features

Cilutions offers a rich set of digital signage features

Cilutions approach to digital signage is one driven by our open architecture software philosophy. Adding a digital signage or video-on-demand application shouldn't require you to throw out your existing hardware and software components. Digital signage should fit seamlessly into how a network operator already manages the other components in the network. In fact, the right digital signage platform will incorporate the data sources and management tools already present in a customer's network. We work hard to ensure that our platform works well with industry standards which gives you access to more features.

  3D Objects

   Cilutions A5050 Media Player includes support for true 3D object
   digital signage display.
  Instagram Support

   The Media Player includes support for displaying images, in real
   -time, posted on Instagram for any #hashtag keyword.

   The Media Player includes support for IR remote control and
   touch screen interaction.

  Video & Image Playlists

   The Media Player permits combining videos and images in a
   playlist for rendering in the same screen zone.

   The Media Player includes support for multiple content
   windows displayed on a single screen.
  HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

   Cilutions A140 and A540 Media Player set-top box is the first digital signage appliance to offer HTTP Live Streaming
   support. HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is an HTTP-based media streaming communications protocol implemented by
   Apple Inc. Since its requests use only standard HTTP transactions, HTTP Live Streaming is capable of traversing any firewall or proxy server that lets through standard HTTP traffic, unlike UDP-based protocols such as RTP. What this means for you is that you can take advantage of the rapidly growing library of HTTP Live Streaming video content available on the Internet. With no additional hardware or software costs, you include live video in your digital signage network.
  Text Ticker Feed and Subtitles

   The Media Player includes support for scrolling text messages and video subtitles.
  Usage Tracking Statistics

   The Media Player includes support for logs recording player performance.

   The Media Player includes support for displaying a real-time twitter feed.
  Playback Scheduling and Day-Parting

   The Media Player includes support for controling screen layouts and playlist by time of day.
  Video "Trick Play" Support

   The Media Player includes support for fast-forward and rewinding of videos.
  Real Time Weather Display

   The Media Player includes support for multiple days, temperatures and informative images to render up to the
   minute weather conditions.
  Transparent Image Over Video

   The Media Player includes support for image files, with a configured transparency level, that can be used to
   overlay some or all of a video zone - thereby providing unique "branding" (e.g., a customer logo) over a portion of
   the video at each player location.
  Live Video

   The Media Player includes support for a live video feed in your digital signage or video-on-demand application.
  Paging Overlay

   The Media Player includes support for an "announcement" screen; which can be useful for paging applications. In
   this case, the player renders the announced screen for a few seconds before returning to its active screen.
  Real-time API

   The Media Player supports screen updates in real-time - offering a programmatic command/response API to
   supplant or augment the file-based model for screen operations.
  iPad App

   Use Cilutions iPad App to update your digital signage screens.
  Networked & Non-Networked Operation

   A network operator can can update the Media Player's content manually (i.e., sneaker-net) or via a networked
  Secure Network Pull

   The Media Player supports periodically pulling files from an external server.
  Web Interface

   The Media Player offers a web interface to allow local administrators the ability to update assets
   that are designated as "Local Edit" by the network operator.
  Multicast File Reception

   The Media Player supports highly efficient distribution model on networks supporting IP Multicast. Works with
   Cilutions’ provided multicast file transmitter.
  File Push

   The Media Player has an embedded FTP Server, which allows for remote file updates on demand.
  RSS Feed

   The Media Player includes support for scrolling news feeds from an external source.
  SNMP Support

   The Media Player comes with SNMP Agent software which will support any SNMP Manager.
  Network Testing Tool

   The Media Player comes with software useful for measuring the rate throughput and health of the network
   connection between the Media Player and a designated server.

Digital Signage Products

Use Cilutions' Digital Media Bridge products to build the complete digital signage solution

Cilutions offers four software products that are integral to a successful digital signage network. These products together comprise our Digital Media Bridge (DMB) product suite. A network operator can choose any or all of our products to build a successful digital signage network.

DMB Screen Builder

Digital Signage, Menu Board and Video-On-Demand screen authoring application.
Learn More

  DMB Media Player

   Digital Signage, Menu Board and Video-On-Demand player application.
Learn More

  Multicast Distribution

   File distribution sender and receiver applications for multicast enabled networks.
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  Management Applications

   Network operations center applications and remote SNMP and Telnet management agents.
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What do you get with Cilutions Digital Signage?


Cilutions digital signage software can be used to build and send Video-On-Demand menus to each screen in your network. The videos that are available for playback can reside on the local set-top box's hard-drive or played via a live video stream.
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Menu Board

Enhance the current menus for your restaurant with a digital menu board. Digital menus are more than just an eye-catching addition to your restaurant; they are a cost-effective digital solution that produces a better customer experience, decreased costs, and a boost in revenue.
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Emergency Message

Recently, emergency messaging has grown into a popular feature for large properties. Widely used in universities, the industry has seen emergency messaging also gain popularity in hospitals, corporate office buildings, and hotels, will resume normal playback.
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Reader Board

Cilutions digital signage offering gives organizations a compelling digital alternative to traditional, static signage. Organizations seeking new and innovative ways to reach their audiences find that a digital readerboard offers flexibility and savings they never could have achieved through traditional, printed displays.
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