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browser Attributes

Postby Cilutions Support » Thu Dec 26, 2013 3:47 pm

The browser asset represents an HTML page in a screen zone. It is a lightweight HTML4 browser with no javascript capability. The browser attributes are:

    Name: A user-defined string which can be a helpful reference to individuals creating or modifying assets. This field has no impact on the DMB player when the asset is played.
    X and Y Coordinates: Pixel addressing of the upper left-hand corner used to position this asset on the screen. The upper left-hand corner of the screen corresponds to X=0, Y=0.
    Width and Height Pixels: Size of the browser zone. 1280x720 is a full screen setting on an HD Amino STB.
    Transparency: Designates the level of see through applied to the HTML page displayed. This is useful when there is an asset (e.g., an image) behind the HTML page which should be somewhat visible. Transparency values are from 0 to 255 with 0 being fully transparent (i.e., the browser asset is invisible) and 255 being fully opaque. The default is 255, fully opaque.
    Refresh Internal: If the Source is a URL, the number of seconds to wait before refreshing the URL. Used to automatically update web page display.
    Playlist Item Duration: The number of seconds to render each web page on the screen if an explicit duration for a web page is not included in the playlist file.
    Playlist Order: Can be random or sequential and designates the playback order for three or more the URLs in the playlist.
    Playlist: A text file containing one or more URLs to display. If the Playlist is not specified then the Source attribute applies (i.e, its a single URL).
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