Exterity with Digital Signage

Play Digital Signage and Digital Menu Board
screens with Exterity's AvediaPlayer receiver

DMB Media Player is a software application that plays digital
signage and digital menu board screens directly on Exterity's AvediaPlayer receiver. Experience Cilutions' DMB Media Player and see how easy it is to add digital signage to your Exterity IPTV network.

Click here to watch Cilutions' overview video describing Cilutions' digital signage software in an Exterity IPTV network.

Exterity IPTV with Cilutions Digital Signage Network Overview Diagram:

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Cilutions Digital Signage Feature List

Feature r9200 r9210 r9220
Support for remote control interaction
Looping Playlist Support
Multiple images or videos in a list
Multiple content windows displayed on a single screen
Video and Image Playlists
Permits combining videos and images in a playlist for rendering in the same screen zone
Usage Tracking Statistics
Logs recording player performance
Playback Scheduling and Day-Parting
Control screen layouts and playlist by time of day
Menu Boards
Multiple text tables (e.g., price list spreadsheets) on a screen where each spreadsheet can be separately updated
Interactive catalog of videos which can be selected for local playback (supports both touchscreen and remote control operational modes)
Interactive catalog of maps (i.e., images for display) selectable by remote control interaction
Weather Records
The ability to show multiple days, temperatures and informative images to render weather conditions
RSS Ticker Feed
Scrolling news feeds from an external source
Transparent Image Over Video
An image can be used to overlay some or all of a video zone thereby providing unique "branding" for an organization
Transparent Text Over Video
RSS or text crawler over video with a configured background transparency level
Live Video Option
The ability to include live video as an alternative or in addition to video files stored locally
Paging Overlay
The ability to receive an "announcement" screen zone useful for paging applications.
Screen Creation
Application for Graphically Building Screens
Let's a network administrator or user build screens and publish to individual players or groups of players
Permits Screen Preview During Creation
The ability to preview screens on the same platform where they are built
Content Update
Non-Networked Screen Update
The ability to update content manually via the USB port
Secure Network Pull
Periodically pulls files from an external server
File Push
Embedded FTP server offering remote file updates on demand
Web User Interface
Configure appliance and retrieve playback logs using a common web browser
Remote Login
Useful for engineering support and remote analysis
Remote Upgrade
Remotely upgrade media player software

Cilutions Digital Signage - Exterity

Questions? Click here to submit a question about the DMB Media Player on Exterity's AvediaPlayer receiver.

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