Government agencies and large enterprises can benefit from Cilutions file distribution application

As a compliment to our digital signage products and services, Cilutions offers a robust multicast, file distribution software application. Currently is use in over 70,000 network nodes worldwide, the DMB Sender and DMB Receiver together comprise our DMB Content Distribution application. The DMB Content Distribution application allows our customers to send files from one location, to up to thousand of remote locations simultaneously. This greatly reduces the amount of time and bandwidth usage required to distribute large files from a central office to each remote location within an enterprise. The files distributed can be anything from large video files, to mission critical tech manuels for government agencies. For multicast enabled networks, Cilutions Content Distribution application can save an enterprise time and money.

The following list are some of the features of Cilutions Content Distribution application. Please contact us for a complete list of features, and for more information about our Content Distribution application.

Multi-Platform Support
Built-In (In-Line) Data Compression
Content Prioritization
Dynamic Bandwidth Management
Hybrid Network Support
File Partitioning
Forward Error Correction
Extensive Automation APIs

The following is an overview diagram of the DMB Sender and Receiver software:

DMB Sender
The DMB Sender is useful for transmitting files and supports interfaces for both content (i.e., files or streaming video source) and command operations (i.e., the instructions to the DMB Sender controlling the transmission of the content). The user provides content one of two ways. Files, either video or data, arrive through an FTP connection from the user to the DMB Sender. These files are placed either on the DMB Sender's local hard drive or on a network shared drive accessible to the DMB Sender. Real-time streaming video originates at the time of transmission (i.e., from an encoder with multicast connectivity to the DMB Sender) and the DMB Sender relays the video stream from the source to the destination receivers in real-time; the DMB Sender does not store real-time streaming video on disk.
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DMB Receiver
The DMB Receiver is used to receive files from the DMB Sender and to provide reception status to the DMB Sender when requested. The Receiver provides both user and programmatic interfaces when processing delivered content. This includes:
Both data and video files delivered into well-known directories
Both Multicast and Unicast reception supported both Satellite and Internet distribution environments
Delivery notification of content reception by invoking a user-developed installation program
Automatic launching of a player application to play incoming live video streams
Automatic relaying of incoming live video streams to downstream player platforms
An embedded Web Server with programmatic access to an XML formatted catalog of data and video assets
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Case Study: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is an agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce. NOAA's mission is to understand and predict changes in Earth’s environment and conserve and manage coastal and marine resources to meet the nation's economic, social, and environmental needs. The National Weather Service (NWS) is one of the primary line functions within NOAA.

NWS uses the International Satellite Communications System (ISCS) to provide timely delivery of critical aviation-related weather information to support air traffic management and flight operations in over 80 countries.

NWS' challenge was to distribute voluminous weather maps and related data as and when required to desired remote locations across the ISCS network.

Cilutions Content Distribution Application
Verizon Business, which operates the satellite broadcast communications service for ISCS, required a File Distribution system that could reliably and securely transmit gargantuan amounts of weather map data to NWS’ worldwide locations. They selected Cilutions Content Distribution application, a proven software distribution application that already been deployed in several Fortune 1000 companies.

Verizon Business has been operating the ISCS network for NWS for a number of years. NOAA has been very satisfied with Cilutions Content Distribution solution, which has enabled NWS to deliver timely weather-related content to communities across the United States.
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Click here to watch overview of Cilutions multicast content distribution application.

DMB Transmission Model
DMB Sender Users Guide
DMB Receiver Users Guide

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Digital Signage Products

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