overlay Attributes

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overlay Attributes

Postby Cilutions Support » Thu May 05, 2011 4:41 pm

The overlay asset is a hidden element on a screen used to listen, in the background, for an incoming message (an overlay message) which, when it arrives, causes the DMB player to overlay the current screen with another screen layout designed to support display of the overlay message. The new screen layout stays visible for the number of seconds set in the incoming message, then disappears. The overlay asset's attributes are:

    Name: A user-defined string which can be a helpful reference to individuals creating or modifying assets. This field has no impact on the DMB player when the asset is played.
    Source: The IPMC:Port (e.g., or Unicast Port (e.g., 3333) value to listen as the source of the incoming message. The incoming message can contain up to six text strings to display.
    OnAlert Action Screen: The Name of a screen to use as the overlay screen layout. This must be a screen defined in the same screenlist where the overlay asset exists. The OnAlert Action Screen can contain other asset types (e.g., image) and up to six text strings placed anywhere on the screen to cover.
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