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TV Control > Overview

Postby Cilutions Support » Wed May 04, 2011 2:45 pm

There is a single TV Control element that, if configured, controls a TV attached to the DMB Media Player. It can be applied to all screens in a Screenlist or assigned to a single screen within the Screenlist. The attributes for TV Control are:

Model - references the manufacturer of the TV (e.g., LG)

Power - whether to turn the TV on/off

Input – manufacturer dependent input video source to enable (e.g., Component-1, Component-2, HDMI)

Aspect Ratio – manufacturer dependent video control (e.g., 4x3, Full, Zoom)

Volume – a manufacturer dependent numeric setting that controls the volume level.

Lock TV - whether to allow local interaction with the DMB Media Player. If set to NO, then the user will have no remote control and front panel access.

Check Frequency - in seconds, how often the DMB Media Player will check for changes to the TV Control attributes.

DMB Media Players with this feature enabled (e.g., an STB connected to a TV’s RS-232 control port) will turn on the TV and issue the configured commands when the associated screen list is active.
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