USB Thumb Drive on an A140

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USB Thumb Drive on an A140

Postby Henry.G » Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:56 am

Can I store content on a USB Thumb Drive and play it on my A140?
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Re: USB Thumb Drive on an A140

Postby Cilutions Support » Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:28 pm

Yes. On the A140 the USB is plug-and-play. So if you put some of your content (videos, images, etc.) and metadata (screenlists, playlists, etc.) on a USB thumb drive you can just insert it into one of the USB ports on the A140 and it will automatically be ready for playback. The DMB media player on the A140 supports a variety of file systems (e.g., FAT32, NTFS, ext3) on the thumb drive so it is very flexible. FAT32 is typically the default file system which is pre-configured on thumb drives (purchased retail) and this will work fine. But FAT32 has an individual file size limit of 2GB so if you want to play, say, a 10GB movie file you will need to reformat your thumb drive to a file system supporting huge files, like NTFS. When you insert the thumb drive the A140 automatically determines the file system and mounts it accordingly.

Once mounted the files on the thumb drive are available to the DMB media player. The thumb drive can contain all the content and metadata needed for playback. In this scenario the user only needs to insert the thumb drive, wait a few seconds, then select the channel (e.g., activate a screenlist by selecting a channel number on the I/R remote or through some other method). This method assumes that the thumb drive was populated by an administrator using DMB Screen Builder, for example, and writing all files needed to the drive before distribution to the A140(s).

The thumb drive can also be used to augment content and metadata retrieved using another content update method. Suppose the A140 is configured to pull its content and metadata files from an FTP account when it starts up (and refresh the files periodically). And these files contain screenlists, images, RSS text feeds, everything except video files to play (because video files are too big to pull down and store locally in the A140 in this way). The user can place the video files on a thumb drive in this scenario and when the DMB media player finds a video file referenced in the metadata it will play it off the thumb drive.
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