Simple Signage on an A140 With No Hard Drive

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Simple Signage on an A140 With No Hard Drive

Postby Edward.P » Tue Sep 20, 2011 4:30 pm

I have some remote sites where I want to play some simple signage screens, nothing fancy and no video, on an Amino A140 STB. It would just be a playlist of images, RSS feeds and text messages on a TV. One or maybe two STBs at a remote site with connectivity to the Internet. Can I do this without having to stage an NFS Share at the remote site to store the assets and playlist?
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Re: Simple Signage on an A140 With No Hard Drive

Postby Cilutions Support » Wed Sep 21, 2011 5:59 pm

Actually, yes. You can stage an A140 to pull its content and metadata from an external FTP Server when it boots and periodically, to look for changes. Here you need to be careful not to exceed the memory limits of the A140 in this case; 60MB total is a good rule of thumb. That includes all the files needed to play everything you want; image files (e.g., png and jpg files), screenlists, playlists, etc. Of course, any video should be a live stream (no video files in this mode - there just is not enough memory to load video locally onto the STB). So video assets in your playlist should reference rtsp, igmp, etc.

This mode has been used to scroll through playlists of image files, RSS live feeds, including clock, weather and epg_grid assets (i.e., spreadsheets). Actually you can load quite a bit in 60MB of assets and metadata and, if you need some full motion video, just play it as a live stream.
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