Very Large Image Files Cause My STB to Crash

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Very Large Image Files Cause My STB to Crash

Postby Paul.J » Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:06 am

I am running a network of Amino A130 STBs with videos, images and text crawlers on the screen. Everything works fine except when I try to play very large images. For example, a jpg file with these dimensions 2848 x 2136 causes my A130 to crash. Note that the image zone size on my screen is only 400 x 300 and I have enabled Resize to Width and Height in the screenlist for this image asset.

Is there a problem with very large image files on the A130?
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Re: Very Large Image Files Cause My STB to Crash

Postby Cilutions Support » Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:15 am

A huge image like this, 2848x2136 pixels, takes a great deal of memory just to load and analyze (probably 24MB). The A130 STB, with no hard drive, has no swap space enabled to handle memory demands which exceed the physical memory on the box. It is very likely running out of memory, causing the STB to crash.

All the STBs, especially ones with no hard drive like the A130, expect that the assets will be sanity checked before playback is attempted; STBs are memory constrained and image processing, in particular, is a memory hog. The maximum image size supported on an STB in High Def mode is 1280 x 720 so it really doesn't make sense to try to render anything larger than this. Huge images should be re-sized to reasonable dimensions, by an external application (e.g.,, before submitting to the STB for processing.

Note that STBs with hard drives, like the A540, have swap enabled, so they won't crash, but image sanity checking is still recommended for overall performance reasons.
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