How Can I Activate a Particular ScreenList

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How Can I Activate a Particular ScreenList

Postby Paul.J » Thu May 26, 2011 4:01 pm

What are the various options for activating a ScreenList on an A530/A130/A140/A540 STB? I have built a bunch of screenlists (aka, channels) and preloaded them onto my A540. Like this:


I know that when the box boots up it plays dmb.screenlist.00.xml by default. But how can I activate, say, dmb.screenlist.55.xml.
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Re: How Can I Activate a Particular ScreenList

Postby Cilutions Support » Thu Jun 02, 2011 1:05 pm

The multiple ways to activate a screenlist (aka: channel) are are follows:

    Remote Control: Here a user can point the supplied IR Remote Control to the STB and press, say, 1 to activate dmb.screenlist.01.xml, 2 to activate dmb.screenlist.02.xml. etc.. This method supports screenlists 01 through 09, but no higher.
    SNMP Set Command: Each STB includes an SNMP MIB Variable supporting the following values: KEY_0, KEY_1, KEY_2, KEY_3, KEY_4, KEY_5, KEY_6, KEY_7, KEY_8, KEY_9, KEY_10, KEY_11, ..., up through KEY_98 corresponding to dmb.screenlist.00.xml through dmb.screenlist.98.xml. An external SNMP manager, mib browser, or separate utility initiates this command. More details are included in the corresponding STB release notes
    Default Screenlist: The lowest numbered screenlist is activated by default at boot-up. Starting with dmb.screenlist.00.xml, dmb.screenlist.01.xml, etc.
    Screenlist Mount Point: STBs which mount to an external NFS Share for content and metadata (e.g., A130/A140) let an administator, using the browser-based configuration page, designate a screenlist to activate after boot-up.
    Screenlist Jump Point: Screenlists can contain "jump" directives where, say, dmb.screenlist.00.xml, after playing its set of screens, can jump to dmb.screenlist.01.xml, which in turn plays it set of screens and, say, jumps back to dmb.screenlist.00.xml (essentailly ping-ponging between the two screens in this example). This lets a user separate screenlists (e.g., they can be built by separate departments within an organization) and automatically activate them (even using time-of-day controls) when they are played.
    Screenlist Publish API: A programmatic API supports embedding a screen list in a "publish" command to immediately accept and play a screenlist. This is a real-time API supporting the fastest activation of a screenlist (e.g., in milliseconds) built by an external server and published to an STB.
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