iPad App - Getting Started

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iPad App - Getting Started

Postby Cilutions Support » Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:25 pm

What is it?
Cilutions' Digital Signage - Screen Update App allows on-site personnel the ability to easily update the images and text displayed on the screen(s) in their digital signage network. As an example, this App can be given to a restaurant manager to allow him/her to easily update the message on the screen in response to the changing circumstances in the restaurant. The manager may want to use the text message on the screen to display the current wait time, or use the image to show the day's special. This App gives non-technical, local personnel the ability to easily update the digital signage screen(s) in your network to meet the real-time messaging needs of the location.

Note: The current version of Cilutions' iPad App works only with the DMB Media Player on the Amino A540 set-top box.

1) Download the following file from Cilutions' website:

2) Rename the file without the .txt extension (iPad.cgi).

3) Use your favorite FTP client (e.g., FileZilla), to FTP onto the A540 set-top box that is located on your network and browse to the following directory: /PVR/www/cgi-bin.

4) Copy iPad.cgi to the /cgi-bin directory on the A540 set-top box.

5) With the DMB Screen Builder, create a screen with at least the following two assets:

    a) image - The source of the image asset should be a playlist file. The playlist file should have up to 5 images that can be displayed with only 1 that is set to active. Each image in the list is inactive if there is a pound (#) as the first character in the line. The name of the playlist file should be iPad.images.pl. Use the following link to see an example iPad.images.pl file: http://www.cilutions.com/getting_started/ipad/iPad.images.pl.txt
    b) text or text_crawl - The source of the text or text_crawl asset should be a playlist file. The text in the playlist file should be the text that you want to display on the screen. The name of the playlist file should be iPad.text.pl. The Source Type attribute should be record and the Source Index 1

6) Via the DMB Screen Builder, send the Screenlist (e.g., dmb.screenlist.00.xml), along with the playlist files to the A540 set-top box.

How to use
Once the setup is complete you can use the Digital Signage - Screen Update App on your iPad to update the image and the text displayed on the screen. When prompted, simply enter the local IP address of the A540 and select from the list of images defined in the iPad.images.pl file. Also, you have the option to update the text entered in the iPad.text.pl file.
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Re: iPad App - Getting Started

Postby Henry.G » Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:59 pm

Will this app be available on a Windows 8 phone?
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