Data Compression Features in Digital Media Bridge

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Data Compression Features in Digital Media Bridge

Postby Cilutions Support » Fri May 06, 2011 10:57 am

Pre-Processed vs. In-Band Data Compression

Digital Media Bridge (DMB) content distribution supports a modular architecture and the automatic compression, delivery and decompression of data distributed from a sending machine to one or more receiving machines. This offers the most flexible model as the compression used, in this pre-processed method, is not embedded within the file delivery application but rather performed as separate, but automatic, entry and exit processing on the data to deliver. This flexible model easily supports the use of best-of-breed compression technology, suitable to each customers data type requirements (e.g., text, binary, maximum or minimum compression demands), and is readily extensible as new compression techniques are made available.

In addition, DMB optionally supports dynamic, built-in real-time compression typically used on data files (e.g., database distribution) to reduce network bandwidth usage as the file is being transmitted. This is known as in-band compression.

Configuring In-Band Compression

The Sender administrator enables or disables in-band compression by channel. On a Windows Sender the pdsview configuration utility offers "Compression" as a channel attribute. If enabled the Sender will attempt to compress any and all files, real-time, during transmission and the receivers will decompress, also in real-time, as appropriate (individual file segments which do not yield payload savings after compression are sent uncompressed).

Example Cost & Time Savings of Data Compression

The following is an example how much time and money can be saved on a typical network using the DMB data compression and distribution software.

Delivery Payload:
1) Uncompressed File Size: 1GB
2) Compressed File Size: 500MB

2) 1MBits/sec outroute
3) 250k/sec inroute
4) $6,000 Monthly Cost

Uncompressed Data
Transmission Time: 2 hours & 13 minutes
Transmission Cost: $17
Compressed Data
Transmission Time: 1 hour & 7 minutes
Transmission Cost: $9

Total Savings
Time Savings: 1 hour & 6 minutes
Cost Savings: $8
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