My A140 Stopped Retrieving Files

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My A140 Stopped Retrieving Files

Postby Edward.P » Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:52 am

My A140, which had been working fine, suddenly stopped retrieving files at all from my FTP Server. Even if I reboot my A140. The /PVR/pdreceiver/log_ftpc.txt file reports the following errors:

04/16/2012 14:51:46.797:Scheduled Run.
04/16/2012 14:51:46.798:Getting "ftp://<IP of my FTP Server>/Content/" (0 bytes) from offset 0
04/16/2012 14:52:06.680:ERROR: 28 ("Error")

Any thoughts?
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Re: My A140 Stopped Retrieving Files

Postby Cilutions Support » Mon Apr 23, 2012 3:51 pm

This same problem has been reported by customers where, it turned out, the network connection between the STB and the FTP Server is either mis-configured or very slow. The STB attempts to set up a connection to the FTP Server and times out if it can't fully establish the connection in 10 seconds.

If you can, try to use an FTP client on a PC on the same network (using, say, the Filezilla client) to connect to the same FTP Server; and observe if the connection set-up time takes 10 seconds or more.

Your local gateway (from the local network out the Internet) may also be mis-configured or loaded down (say, with incoming traffic).

Please contact for more information.
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