Manage boxes over the Internet?

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Manage boxes over the Internet?

Postby Elliot.Z » Wed Jun 22, 2011 4:57 pm

I have a few A540's in my network that I'm connected to over the Internet. I am able to remotely send content (videos, images, etc.) to the boxes using my FTP server, but how do I know what the boxes are playing? Or that the boxes are even turned on and running?

Is there a "management application" that I can use to check the status of each of my boxes?
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Re: Manage boxes over the Internet?

Postby Cilutions Support » Thu Jun 23, 2011 5:53 pm

All the Amino STBs can be equipped with Cilutions' SNMP agent supporting robust configuration management and monitoring of all the activity on the STB; video currently playing, screenlist active, etc.

There are four software components involved in the process of monitoring and managing Internet-deployed STBs running Cilutions' Digital Media Bridge (DMB) player:

    SNMP Agent: This is installed in the STB image, typically at the factory (but can also be upgraded in the field) and provides SNMP service to the local STB. In an Internet configuration the SNMP agent on the STB communicates with a Cilutions-supplied SNMP Proxy service, typically staged in the customer's data center, to facilitate end-to-end connectivity to an SNMP Manager.
    SNMP Proxy: This is a software product, offered by Cilutions, which facilitates communication between an SNMP Manager and all the STBs deployed on the Internet. This product let's a customer use any SNMP Manager of their choosing.
    SNMP Manager: This can be any one of a wide variety of commercial or open source SNMP Managers (e.g.,, to manage and monitor the network of DMB players on STBs. It is not a Cilutions product but Cilutions provides an SNMP MIB, unique to each STB class (e.g., A130, A540), which the SNMP Manager uses to interact with individual STBs, through the SNMP Proxy. Some customers have developed their own SNMP Manager and the Cilutions' supplied product MIB can be used here as well.
    SNMP MIB Browser: This is a stand-alone program useful for interactive inspection and setting of SNMP MIB variables on a target platform with an SNMP agent. MIB Browser's are also available as commercial or open source products and can be used with Cilutions' product MIB for a specific STB (e.g., A130) to examine run-time measurements (e.g., if video is currently playing) and/or to set configuration parameters (e.g., enable DHCP, reboot the STB).

Contact for more information on the SNMP Agent and SNMP Proxy, how they work with each other and the customer's SNMP Manager to provide a comprehensive configuration and monitoring service for Internet-deployed STBs running the DMB player.
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