Campus STB Deployment and NFS Security

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Campus STB Deployment and NFS Security

Postby Cilutions Support » Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:08 am

The Amino A130 and A140 STBs support both read only and read/write NFS mount points to access the assets (e.g., images, videos) and metadata (e.g., screenlist, image playlists) used to control playback on a TV. Customers can configure the NFS Server to support the desired security model.

After successfully mounting (it tries r/w first, then r/o) the STB will attempt to access the ./log directory under the mount point and, if it is not there, try to create it. Then it will try to access (or create) a subdirectory under ./log named the <serialno of the STB>. If this is all successful the STB will place its run-time logs there (e.g., videos played, screenlists active, RSS feeds). If the mount point is r/o or directory access/creation fails (say, because the NFS Server does not grant permission) then logging on the NFS Server, for this STB, will be disabled.

This method lets a user offer (through NFS Server access controls and file/directory permissions) read access to content and metadata on the NFS mount point and also enable/disable logging as desired.
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