Does Cilutions Help Operate My Network?

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Does Cilutions Help Operate My Network?

Postby Henry.G » Sun Aug 12, 2012 3:25 pm

I have a digital signage network of multiple Amino players distributed around the Internet. What service does Cilutions offer helping me analyze and fix the various problems I might have (e.g., files not getting updated, problems transcoding video, firewall problems)?
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Re: Does Cilutions Help Operate My Network?

Postby Cilutions Support » Sun Aug 12, 2012 3:52 pm

Customers should maintain in-house technical expertise suitable for diagnosing the various problems that can arise when operating any video or content distribution equipment in a networking environment, especially the Internet. This includes:

    Networking: Understanding how FTP and/or NFS works, depending on the content distribution method. Customer personnel should be able to administer, say, FTP Server accounts, decipher logs and analyze and monitor all the networking equipment which factors into the content distribution process; the FTP Server, FTP Client logs on the STB, etc. This includes the ability to run stand-alone, external, applications (e.g., a FileZilla Client) to verify basic connectivity between a customer's local network and, say, a cloud-based FTP Server before attempting to use the DMB software over the same network paths.
    Firewalls: Understanding how to analyze and resolve problems distributing content through a firewall
    SNMP: At a minimum, understanding how to use a MIB Browser in a data center to retrieve and/or modify configuration settings on STBs in a customer's network.
    Video: Understanding how to create or transcode video files using formats compatible with the STB player (e.g., h.264 transport stream).

Customer support personnel should be familiar with the full set of technical information contained in the Cilutions support forums. These forums address NFS and FTP configuration, video asset attributes, SNMP management issues, internal STB logging, and more. Familiarity with this information is essential to operating and maintaining the target network.

Cilutions offers direct engineering support, typically called tier 3 support, designed to augment the efforts of customer network engineers. Contact to learn more about the terms of this separate agreement. The minimal annual agreement includes three formal support events to be resolved by Cilutions engineers. At the customer's discretion these events are typically non-trivial integration issues (e.g., problems in the customer's network which have been thoroughly investigated already). Where the customer has concluded that Cilutions engineering support is essential to resolving the issue, even if it is not perceived to be a defect in Cilutions software (e.g., FTP file retrieval) or the Amino STB (e.g., the video player). Any problem which is perceived to be a defect in Cilutions software or the Amino STB would be submitted in this manner as well; and if it turns out that it is a problem in Cilutions software the support event will not count against the customer's total number for the year. Problems will be assigned to Cilutions engineers with direct email and phone support until the problem is either resolved or, if a Cilutions software defect, a plan for its resolution is developed and published.

All other support activity is handled through the support forums - monitored by the community of Cilutions users and Cilutions personnel as well. A customer with a support agreement will be assigned a login account for posting support questions. There is no limit to the number of questions a customer can post in this manner.

Ad hoc, occasional, email or phone contact with Cilutions engineers, while not the official form of communication, is also part of the maintenance relationship with reasonable and customary limits.
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