Basic Screen Concepts

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Basic Screen Concepts

Postby Cilutions Support » Wed May 04, 2011 3:24 pm

A Screen represents the layout of assets (e.g., video, images, text) on a TV. Screens can be as simple as a full-screen video or as complex as videos and images in playlists, scrolling text messages, weather reports, etc. all positioned on a TV screen and updating automatically and independently of each other.

Screens are defined inside Screenlists (XML-formatted control files) and are typically built by an administrator using the Digital Media Bridge (DMB) Screen Builder application (or built separately) and transferred to a platform running a DMB Player application (e.g., a Set-top Box running the DMB Player). A Screenlist can have multiple Screens which play in sequence (from top to bottom through the Screenlist) or based on time-of-day rules (e.g., weekday versus weekend). Screens define:

    Specific assets (e.g., video files, static images) to play on a screen.

    The layering order of assets on a screen (e.g., background image first, then video layered over the background).

    Duration (i.e., how long to play) and time-of-day controls for the entire screen.

    TV on/off controls.

    Control flow construct (e.g., jump to screenlist) supporting automatic channel changing.

    Support for persistent video playlists where multiple Screens in a Screenlist, each playing from a common video playlist, continue the playlist order (without restarting), while moving from one Screen to another. This feature supports complete TV layout changes without restarting the video playlist.
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