Basic Screenlist Concepts

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Basic Screenlist Concepts

Postby Cilutions Support » Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:40 pm

Screenlists are XML-formatted control files typically built by an administrator using the Digital Media Bridge (DMB) Screen Builder application (or built separately) and transferred to a platform running a DMB Player application (e.g., a Set-top Box running the DMB Player). Screenlists can be thought of as "channels" in the sense that:

    A DMB Player supports up to hundreds of independent playback "channels"
    Each "channel" corresponds to a single screenlist file named dmb.screenlist.00.xml, dmb.screenlist.01.xml, etc.
    The screenlist file contains one or more screen layouts where each layout specifies the exact positioning and size of images, text and video on a TV
    The screenlist file controls the order in which such screens are played; in a looping fashion, from top to bottom, as they appear in the screenlist
    The screenlist file supports local TV Controls supporting on/off, volume and other settings when the screenlist is active
    The screenlist file designates the full-screen resolution (e.g., 1280x720 for HD Landscape, 720x1280 for HD Portrait) for all screens within the screenlist file
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