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Assets on Screen Edges Cut Off

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:00 am
by Edward.P
On some TVs assets close to the edge of the screen are cut off. And on other TVs the same screen list and assets show just fine. For example, if I place a text box which starts, say, 5 pixels from the left edge of the screen in a 1280x720 screen list (i.e., an HD display) the left edge of the text box gets cut off on some TVs. Is there a TV compatibility problem with the A140/A540 STBs and certain TV models?

Re: Assets on Screen Edges Cut Off

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:17 pm
by Cilutions Support
Safe Areas

Traditionally, TV sets were not able to display the full width and height of their nominal resolution, resulting in content positioned in the edges of the screen to be cut off or not displayed at all. Although this problem has been mitigated on high end devices or resolved on modern digital TV sets, developers are still advised to only place important content and controls in the safe area, leaving a margin of approximately 5% along each edge of the viewing area. So, on a 1280x720 screen, the left edge safe area starts at pixel 64 and the right edge stops at pixel 1216.

This issue can also be confusing if you use the DMB player on your Windows machine to preview screens before deploying to a STB. The DMB Player runs on a computer monitor supporting the full range of pixels. So when you preview on the Windows machine it may look fine but when it plays on the TV connected to the A140 or A540 it may be cut off if the asset it too close to the edges. Of course, if you standardize on TVs in your network (not always possible) you can build and preview screens right on an STB connected to the same TV type to be sure of how it will look when deployed to the STBs in the network.

Hope this helps. If you have a specific TV with a particular problem in this regard please let us know the make and model.