video Attributes

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video Attributes

Postby Cilutions Support » Thu May 05, 2011 4:47 pm

The video asset represents full motion video. There can be only one video asset on a screen. The video attributes are:

    Name: A user-defined string which can be a helpful reference to individuals creating or modifying assets. This field has no impact on the DMB player when the asset is played.
    Source: An optional field designating the video source. This can be one of the following:

      A single video file (e.g., video2play.m2t);
      An IPMC:Port multicast setting (e.g., or igmp:// to play an incoming multicast stream;
      An IP:Port to play (e.g., udp:// This plays unicast video sent to the STB by an external video source (e.g., an encoder);

    The video file should be stored locally or accessible from a network share and must be properly formatted for playback on the target platform (e.g., h.264 encoding and Transport Stream file formatting - standards compatible with the AmiNet540 STB). If the Source is not specified then the Playlist attribute applies.
    Playlist: A text file containing the list of videos to play. If the Playlist is not specified then the Source attribute applies.
    Playlist Order: Can be random or sequential and designates the playback order of videos in the playlist.
    X and Y Coordinates: Pixel addressing of the upper left-hand corner used to position this asset on the screen.
    Width and Height Pixels: Size of the video zone. 1280x720 is a full screen setting on an HD Amino STB.
    X and Y Alignment: Used to position (e.g., center, top) a video inside a screen zone which may be larger than the video to play. For example, how to position a 4:3 video in a 16:9 screen zone.
    Loop: Applies to the playlist when it reaches the end. Yes means that the current screen should remain in effect and video playback should continue with the first video file listed in the playlist (i.e., playlist loop). No means that this screen is finished when the playlist completes and that playback should exit the current screen and continue with the next screen in the screenlist.
    Destination: The player can optionally relay any and all locally played videos to a configured IPMC:Port on the local network. This field designates the IPMC:Port value (e.g., Downstream STBs, PCs and other devices can tune to this address for video playback.
    PVR Record Image: References an image file used to signal that on-demand video recording is in effect. This applies when using the Source attribute to designate the video; and does not apply when using the Playlist attribute. During video playback, when the local user presses the record button on the IR Remote Control, a semi-transparent image file is displayed to indicate that recording is taking place. This setting designates the file, stored locally.
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Any Plans to Support HTTP Live Streaming

Postby Paul.J » Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:59 pm

Do your STBs support HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) now or do you plan to support it in the future? The videos I play on iPhones I would like to be able to also play on my Digital Signage screens.
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Re: video Attributes

Postby Cilutions Support » Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:27 pm

Actually, yes. Support for HTTP Live STreaming (HLS) is included in the latest A140/A540 STBs scheduled for release Q4 2011. Check with for exact release dates.
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