Playlists for Video and Image Assets

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Playlists for Video and Image Assets

Postby Cilutions Support » Thu Dec 01, 2011 3:29 pm

The video and image assets include a Source attribute designating the particular video asset to play or image asset to display. They also support, as an alternative to a single asset, playlists designating two or more assets to play in a sequential or random looping fashion. These playlists support two format versions. Version 1 playlists support assets and duration settings for videos or images; and all assets listed, if present, will play accordingly. Version 2 playlists include support for an optional Schedule File where the user can specify time and date controls for any item in the playlist. This lets the user set activation rules for individual assets ahead of time (e.g., a image which only displays weekdays between 9AM and noon, a promotional video which should only play through the end of the current month) and the media player will render or suppress the asset as directed without impacting any other screen elements.

Note that video and image playlists are independent of each other as video and image assets cannot be played in the same screen zone.
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