Is there a man page for the Telnet Proxy?

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Is there a man page for the Telnet Proxy?

Postby Henry.G » Sun Aug 19, 2012 7:56 pm

I am running a Telnet Proxy on a Windows machine as an application? Is there a man page discussing the command line parameters?
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Re: Is there a man page for the Telnet Proxy?

Postby Cilutions Support » Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:43 pm


udptunnel - provide telnet access from a server in a customer's data center to STBs deployed over the Internet.

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udptunnel -c 23 <agentid> <localNIC> <udp_port> 23


This program is provided by Cilutions and lets a support engineer run a local telnet client on a server in the data center and connect through the Telnet Proxy to a remote STB. It works in collaboration with Cilutions Telnet Server on remote STBs configured to operate in proxy mode.

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          <agentid>      set by the remote STB operator. By default this is the serialno of the STB.
          <localNIC>     the IP address on the data center server where it should listen for incoming tunnel messages
          <udp_port>    the incoming udp port carrying tunnel messages. This udp traffic should be forwarded to the local server by the data center's firewall using port forwarding. It should also correspond to the settings in the STB.

udptunnel.exe -c 23 GF3111D0021932 11111 23

Wait for "OK" (which means that the STB has registered with the Proxy)

Start up a telnet client on the data center's server (e.g., the telnet command that comes with windows) and telnet to the local machine (e.g., telnet As alternative you can run a telnet client from another machine with access to the data center server (e.g., telnet where is the server in the data center).

A login prompt for the remote STB should appear. Proceed accordingly.
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