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FTP Server

Postby Henry.G » Fri May 06, 2011 2:40 pm

I want to update my digital signage screens with my FTP server. How do I configure the server to work with the Amino box?
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Re: FTP Server

Postby Cilutions Support » Fri May 06, 2011 2:44 pm

You can find this information at the end of the Amino A540 Release Notes here:

Also, I have included it here for you to review ...

Setup FTP Server

The A540 supports automatic FTP file retrieval (i.e., pulling content from an external FTP Server). This feature is optional and is configured through the Browser Based Configuration section discussed elsewhere in this document. If enabled, the A540 will periodically attempt to connect and login to the configured FTP Server.

The FTP Server can be any one of a variety of 3rd party applications (e.g., Filezilla). The installation and configuration procedures for the FTP Server are specific to the particular application selected for use and, as such, are beyond the scope of these release notes. The A540 can operate with an FTP Server which supports either of the following modes:

Unencrypted file transfers with no security (i.e., in the clear). This method typically applies to private networks which are already secure so there is no need to add additional security for file transfers.


FTPS (also known as FTP Secure and FTP-SSL). This method, which is commonly used for Internet-based file transfers, involves installation of a public-key authentication certificate at the FTP Server. If configured, the A540 will operate as an FTPS client to accomplish file transfers with the FTPS Server.

Note that configuring the FTPS Server involves network configuration, especially for environments where the FTPS Server is behind NAT'd devices, router and firewall issues and private keys and certificates. It is recommended that configuring the FTPS Server (e.g., Filezilla Server) be performed by a network administrator familiar with these technologies.

There must be an FTP account which corresponds with the account name and password as specified in the FTP Settings through the A540(s) Web Browser configuration. There must be at least one <home> directory underneath the root directory for this account. Each <home> directory corresponds to a content "group" used to store any and all files relevant to the group. For example, all files destined to the A540s deployed in a particular geographic location. The home directory name also corresponds to the FTP Settings in the A540(s) Browser Based Configuration.

The following describes the directory subtree used to support a <home> directory named "Content":
<root> - The current directory after a successful login
<root>/Content - The repository of all files to be retrieved by all A540s configured to use this FTP Server for content acquisition. Note that this is often the same directory where the Screen Builder (a separate DMB application) publishes all content and metadata destined for one or more A540s.
<root>/Content/<specificA540> - An optional subdirectory with files for a particular A540. By default the A540 is identified by its unique serial number (found on the outside of the box). For example, an A540 with a serial number of B50410G000142 would correspond to directory: <home>/Content/B50410G000142. Here the user can place content unique the specific A540. In addition, the A540 will use this directory, if present, to place its playback logs for optional user review.
<root>/Content/siteid - A special purpose location to support sites without serial number identifiers (e.g., Windows-based players)
<root>/Content/upgrade - Software upgrade images applicable to all A540s tuned to this FTP Server, login account and <home>. The A540 will automatically retrieve any upgrade images needed and reboot to apply.
<root>/Content/log - Log files from individual A540s
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