Emergency Messaging

Alert Everyone with Digital Emergency Messaging

In today’s day and age, it’s important to stay vigilant, alert and updated. At any moment, something could happen that could impact our safety and security, or the safety and security of our loved ones. Thankfully, recent advantages in technology have made emergency messaging and emergency communications more easy and accessible, than ever. These tools are especially practical and necessary for businesses, schools, universities and office buildings.

In the event of an emergency, it is important to have an emergency messaging system in place, to alert employees, students or the general population. These types of alerts have saved lives, in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. Digital emergency messaging is able to get the necessary news and information out to great numbers of people, in real-time, effectively keeping them updated and equipping them to handle the emergency.

Emergency messaging through electronic signage has become more and more popular, around the United States and the globe. Especially useful for large properties, the technology was originally adopted by universities, but has since become popular in hotels, corporate office buildings and hospitals. Cilutions has the know-how, experience, and expertise necessary to design and implement the proper digital signage emergency messaging for any facility.

By installing multiple screens with a single set-top box, they are able to create a straightforward process for the distribution of emergency messaging. And, because they work with a set-top box, there is no PC needed -- which means no breakdowns, viruses or tech maintenance.

With their unique technology, you can designate a video alert channel that has the power to quickly and effectively deliver emergency messaging across your network. The channel will only work when active; when it is inactive, the channel will continue normal playback. By automating this system, you can make sure that the digital signage emergency messaging goes into effect when it needs to, without wasting a single second.

Cilutions is an industry leader in electronic signage. SNMP management makes it simple for users to remotely update emergency messaging. The advanced technology that Cilutions has implemented, over the years, has revolutionized the safety and security of countless properties. Now, more than ever, it is important to be vigilant. Consider digital signage emergency messaging solutions from Cilutions, today.

Digital Signage Products

Use Cilutions' Digital Media Bridge products to build the complete digital signage solution

Cilutions offers four software products that are integral to a successful digital signage network. These products together comprise our Digital Media Bridge (DMB) product suite. A network operator can choose any or all of our products to build a successful digital signage network.

DMB Screen Builder

Digital Signage, Menu Board and Video-On-Demand screen authoring application.
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  DMB Media Player

   Digital Signage, Menu Board and Video-On-Demand player application.
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  Multicast Distribution

   File distribution sender and receiver applications for multicast enabled networks.
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  Management Applications

   Network operations center applications and remote SNMP and Telnet management agents.
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What do you get with Cilutions Digital Signage?


Cilutions digital signage software can be used to build and send Video-On-Demand menus to each screen in your network. The videos that are available for playback can reside on the local set-top box's hard-drive or played via a live video stream.
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Menu Board

Enhance the current menus for your restaurant with a digital menu board. Digital menus are more than just an eye-catching addition to your restaurant; they are a cost-effective digital solution that produces a better customer experience, decreased costs, and a boost in revenue.
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Emergency Message

Recently, emergency messaging has grown into a popular feature for large properties. Widely used in universities, the industry has seen emergency messaging also gain popularity in hospitals, corporate office buildings, and hotels, will resume normal playback.
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Reader Board

Cilutions digital signage offering gives organizations a compelling digital alternative to traditional, static signage. Organizations seeking new and innovative ways to reach their audiences find that a digital readerboard offers flexibility and savings they never could have achieved through traditional, printed displays.
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